Matthew on 06/21/2014

Where to Go: Walking Tours of Istanbul

Anyone who has ever had more than a fleeting interest in Istanbul is probably tired of hearing about how it is the crossroads between East and West. Few places are stuck with such persistent truisms about them as this global city that literally spans two continents. Any visitor to this city will be able to […]

Kate on 12/13/2013
Kirkstall Abbey Leeds | Abbott & West Productions

Where to Go: Leeds

Before you protest, “But where’s Leeds?” allow me to point you to a map of the United Kingdom. A former industrial hub in southwest Yorkshire (and, thus, somewhere around the center of the island of Great Britain, and firmly in Northern England), this manageable city has plenty for the curious traveler to explore – especially […]

Kate on 08/16/2013
Greenport, NY | Abbott & West Productions

Where to Go: Greenport, Long Island

For New Yorkers, going out to Long Island in the summer is essentially required travel. All you have to do is look at The Great Gatsby, where everyone seems to escape to Long Island in the heat of July and August. But the Hamptons are expensive and overdone, Montauk has been conquered, so where can you […]

Matthew on 07/30/2013

Where to Go: Tejanolandia

The greatest song lyrics ever written in American music, which speak to the themes of multiculturalism, issues of machismo and its relationship with male identity, and the existential search for validation through the love of another, are the following: Hey baby, Que paso?   I thought I was your only vato Pure genius. This timeless […]

nora on 05/28/2013
Los Glaciares National Park

Where to Go: Glaciers of Southern Patagonia

I’ve been thinking a lot about glaciers these days — from Olafur Eliasson’s installation of an Icelandic glacier at MOMA PS1 to James Belog’s documentary Chasing Ice showing the largest calving glacier ever filmed (calving is when elements of a glacier break off and form icebergs). It’s piqued my curiosity and I’ve recently been doing a bit of […]

Kate on 02/28/2013
Cafe Titon Paris Abbott & West

Where to Go: Paris’ Little Berlin

While the Canal St-Martin now brings visitors to eastern Paris’ trendy, up-and-coming neighborhoods, many of them remain the last quietly residential and local quartiers in the world’s most touristed city. In the small triangle between the Boulevard Voltaire and the Rue du Faubourg St-Antoine, between the metros Faidherbe-Chaligny and Charonne, in the 11th arrondissement, sits […]

nora on 02/19/2013
Bath House, Budapest

Where to Go: Budapest

Most people I know first experienced awe-inspiring European cityscapes by way of London’s cobblestone streets, Venice’s waterways, or Paris’ winding alleyways. In the summer of 2004 before my senior year in high school, I was determined to learn about European “joie de vivre” through an ancient city whose history still felt fresh. I wanted chocolate […]

Kate on 12/21/2012
Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavik

Where to Go: Reykjavik

Despite making international headlines with its 2008 economic collapse and literally shutting down international flights with the Eyjafjallajökull volcano’s eruption in 2010, Iceland remains off the beaten track, skipped over by both North American and European travelers as they hop back and forth across the Atlantic. Stop in on your way over, though – IcelandAir offers […]

nora on 10/29/2012

Where to Go: Mexico City

You’re going to Mexico City! Whether this is your first trip or tenth to D. F. (short for Distrito Federal), I’m certain you’ll have an amazing time and will discover all kinds of new things you didn’t expect. Even as a former resident, that’s one of my favorite things about the city: no matter how […]