nora on 08/06/2013
Dill & Saffron Rice

Kitchen Snapshots: A Persian Excursion in Great Neck

A couple of weeks ago my friend Marina, a fabulous chef and inquisitive eater, got together a group of similarly-minded food aficionados to stroll the streets of Great Neck, Long Island in pursuit of persian food. While many people know Great Neck as the former home of writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and the current residence […]

nora on 01/22/2013
Duck Pho

Kitchen Snapshots: CITY GRIT Presents Leah Cohen

Feast your eyes on a fabulous dinner cooked by Leah Cohen, a Top Chef alumna with Filipino, Russian-Romanian heritage, and hosted by the culinary salon CITY GRIT. CITY GRIT is more inventive than a pop-up restaurant and more malleable than your average supper club. It was founded by southern chef Sarah Simmons, recently named one of America’s […]

nora on 12/23/2012
1a copy

Kitchen Snapshots: Los Mercados, Mexico City

Mexico City is bursting at the seams. It is a pulsating collection of humans, animals, commerce, expansion, art, and hope. Every day hundreds of people move to the city for a chance at a better future and every day it is getting a little wider and a little tighter. But not all of the people […]