Maddy Douglass on 05/25/2014
Le Marais Croissant | Abbott & West Productions

Notes from the Kitchen: Oh la la, Le Marais Bakery

What do you get when you leave a Frenchman in California for too long? A Frenchman in desperate need of a good croissant. The San Francisco Bay Area may be known for having some of the country’s best bread, but baked goods worthy of a Parisian palate continue to be the El Dorado for which […]

nora on 10/15/2013

Notes from the Kitchen: Linzertorte

A few weeks ago I was asked to host a pie-making contest for a community garden in Brooklyn. It got me thinking about the tradition of pies and contests, the celebration of harvest, and family. I love pie, and frankly don’t make enough of them these days. There was a period in college where I […]

nora on 10/08/2013
Copper River Salmon

Notes from the Kitchen: In the Kingdom of Salmon

I was out in Seattle a few weeks ago visiting friends and exploring the city, eating my fill of utterly amazing food (highlights included fish tacos at Pike Street Fish Fry, vanilla ice cream with blackberries and chocolate fudge at Molly Moons, and a killer BLT at the Twin Peaks-style Lost Lake). Growing up, I […]

Matthew on 09/03/2013

Notes from the Kitchen: Bread, Bread, Bread

*This is an original translation of Bread, Bread, Bread by Matthew Lundin of the Armenian-Turkish author Migirdiç Margosyan. The short story originally appeared in the compilation Gavur District as Ekmek, Ekmek, Ekmek. Where we’re from, in Diyarbakir, we eat a lot of bread. Trying to eat food without bread, to try to fill up without eating any, […]

nora on 07/16/2013

Notes from the Kitchen: A Cheesy Love Affair in BK

The old Italian neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn is home to many wonderful culinary destinations — the fabulous Frankies Spuntino restaurants, 457 and Prime Meats, the taxidermy/coffee shop/record store Black & Gold, Beyonce’s favorite hangout Buttermilk Channel, Caputo’s (the most magical little specialty market in the city) — and as of three weeks ago, the […]

Irena Brubaker on 06/25/2013

Notes from the Kitchen: Bigos, My Way

 B.i.g.o.s pronounce: bee-goes If you have a Polish friend or a relative, you know what bigos is. This dish, also known as Hunter’s Stew, is possibly the most popular meal in or out of Poland. It is a one pot meal that can be made in advance — and it gets better with every re-heating. It […]

nora on 05/21/2013
Edible Schoolyard

Notes from the Kitchen: Roots of Culture

This post was published in conjunction with Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard Project, whose mission is to create and sustain an organic gardens that are wholly integrated into school’s curriculum, culture, and food programs.   America the Beautiful: No anthem paints a more vivid picture of our country’s landscape than the familiar hymnal. School children across the country learn […]

Ashley Kantor on 05/07/2013

Notes from the Kitchen: Malabi

In planning a trip, whether to another continent or across state lines, I always create a mental list of foods that I have to eat in my destination. One of the pleasures of traveling is coming across a dish that, if I’d known about it, would have been on my list in a heartbeat. This […]

Kate on 03/29/2013
Passover Seder Abbott & West Productions

Notes from the Kitchen: Seder for the Secular

Unlike most Catholic schoolchildren, Passover was always my favorite holiday. I’d like to pretend it had some greater significance for me – that I felt more connected to my father’s Jewish heritage, that the story of the Exodus spoke to me in some particular way, that I had some burning desire to learn Hebrew – […]

Matthew on 03/18/2013
Keading Bread

Notes from the Kitchen: The Rain in Şişle

*This is an original translation of “The Rain in Şişle” by Matthew Lundin of the Armenian-Turkish author Migirdiç Margosyan. The short story originally appeared in the compilation Gavur District as  şişlede yağmur. Under the drenching rain, listening to Father Movses’ prayers as we sent my mother off to the other side, the other world, I had the […]