The Innocents Abroad on 05/15/2013
San Francisco Abbott & West Productions

Where the Innocents Have Been: San Francisco

Even if you haven’t watched our latest episode, at the James Beard Award-winning State Bird Provisions, (though we highly recommend that you do!) it would be no secret that we love San Francisco and the Bay Area. It’s Kate’s hometown, Nora’s spiritual home and we don’t trust anyone who doesn’t love it. (Kidding! Sort of…) […]

The Innocents Abroad on 11/02/2012

Where the Innocents Have Been: Montreal

For our first episode outside New York City, we jetted (or, more correctly, trained) north, across the border, to one of North America’s most European cities: Montreal. Neither of us had ever been there before, but between Kate’s deep-seated francophilia, Nora’s passions for design and art, and our mutual love of food and exploring new […]