nora on 12/11/2013
Mexican Tortas

The Great State Project: Mexico City Milanese Tortas

Technically, my first experience in Mexico was a night back in 2007 spent in Rosarito, 45 minutes over the border from San Diego in Baja. But since my time on the ground was barely 24 hours and the only real Mexican food I ate was a bowl of “vegetarian” menudo, I don’t really think of it as my first time in Mexico. That came about when I began a documentary photography and oral history project on corn farmers in Central Mexico. My partner on the project and I were stationed in Mexico City and would take week-long trips to other regions to live with different farmers. I fell in love deeply with Mexico and my life has never been the same. So it feels fitting to begin my exploration through Mexican culinary history with my home away from home state of Mexico, otherwise known as Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, or D.F. for short.

Now onto the dish….

Mexico City Milanese Tortas

Tortas are quintessentially a Mexican sandwich. You can make them yourself at home, but while in Mexico City that seems almost crazy to attempt, considering that torta street vendors sit on practically every corner, are piled sky high with ingredients that could fill you up for about two days, cost about 30 pesos, and toast on a grill that carries the seasoning of the thousand tortas that came before it.

Tortas are awesome for many reasons, so watch this little video to find out why they are so great, especially in D.F. And then, either hightail it on the next plane to Mexico or go home and make one yourself! You can find the full recipe here.

Mexico City Milanese Tortas!
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