Maddy Douglass on 05/25/2014
Le Marais Croissant | Abbott & West Productions

Notes from the Kitchen: Oh la la, Le Marais Bakery

What do you get when you leave a Frenchman in California for too long? A Frenchman in desperate need of a good croissant. The San Francisco Bay Area may be known for having some of the country’s best bread, but baked goods worthy of a Parisian palate continue to be the El Dorado for which […]

Matthew on 09/03/2013

Notes from the Kitchen: Bread, Bread, Bread

*This is an original translation of Bread, Bread, Bread by Matthew Lundin of the Armenian-Turkish author Migirdiç Margosyan. The short story originally appeared in the compilation Gavur District as Ekmek, Ekmek, Ekmek. Where we’re from, in Diyarbakir, we eat a lot of bread. Trying to eat food without bread, to try to fill up without eating any, […]

nora on 12/12/2012

Recipe: Dulce Pan D’elote (Sweet Corn Bread)

Country of Origin: Mexico *As taught to Nora by Teresa Balleza, Mexico City, MX Preheat oven to 350 degrees Farenheight 7 ears of corn (remove kernels and discard cobs) 1 can of condensed milk 5 eggs ½ cup of butter 2 cups shredded manchego cheese Butter a 14” circular pan. In this order place the […]