nora on 01/14/2014

Notes from the Road: Quiet City

I have been in a very celebratory mood as of late — celebrating Christmas (as a lapsed Catholic turned atheist), celebrating the dawn of the New Year, and as of December 28th on a hilltop in Chiapas, Mexico, celebrating my engagement to the love of my life. I have always been fascinated by the ways […]

nora on 12/11/2013
Mexican Tortas

The Great State Project: Mexico City Milanese Tortas

Technically, my first experience in Mexico was a night back in 2007 spent in Rosarito, 45 minutes over the border from San Diego in Baja. But since my time on the ground was barely 24 hours and the only real Mexican food I ate was a bowl of “vegetarian” menudo, I don’t really think of […]

nora on 12/10/2013
Mexican Torta

Recipe: Mexico City Milanese Tortas

One of my favorite Mexican cookbooks is Nancy Zaslavsky’s A Cook’s Tour of Mexico. Not only does she expertly know her way around the kitchen, but for food history buffs, she provides great insight into the culture of every dish. So when I wanted to find the perfect recipe for D.F. Tortas, I knew exactly […]

nora on 09/10/2013

Notes from the Road: A Flaneur’s Footsteps in Mexico

I have been thinking a lot about walking these days. Walking to explore, walking to get somewhere, walking to think, walking to see, walking to clear my head. When I first moved to New York, I would carve out two to three hours every weekend to just walk around neighborhoods. History was so alive in […]

nora on 12/23/2012
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Kitchen Snapshots: Los Mercados, Mexico City

Mexico City is bursting at the seams. It is a pulsating collection of humans, animals, commerce, expansion, art, and hope. Every day hundreds of people move to the city for a chance at a better future and every day it is getting a little wider and a little tighter. But not all of the people […]

nora on 10/29/2012

Where to Go: Mexico City

You’re going to Mexico City! Whether this is your first trip or tenth to D. F. (short for Distrito Federal), I’m certain you’ll have an amazing time and will discover all kinds of new things you didn’t expect. Even as a former resident, that’s one of my favorite things about the city: no matter how […]