Kate on 04/18/2014
Balinese Rujak Abbott & West

Recipe: Balinese Rujak

Dining in Bali is a singular experience. In a sense, it’s not a huge food culture; the same meal is generally eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you don’t mind the lack of variety, though, the flavors are fascinating, a classic Southeast Asian blend of sweet, sour, spicy, and salty with fresh tropical fruits, […]

nora on 02/05/2014
Dim Sum

Where to Eat: Adventures in Manhattan’s Chinatown

Whenever I have friends or family  visit me in NYC, inevitably the culinary corner of the city that holds the most intrigue and the most reverence is Manhattan’s Chinatown. Pushing your way through its crowded streets can make even the most seasoned New Yorker sweat. So when you are a hungry tourist trying to determine […]

Kate on 01/10/2014
Kay's Bar Edinburgh | Abbott & West Productions

Where to Eat: Edinburgh

The Scottish capital has flown under the radar for too long. It’s renowned throughout Europe for its arts and culture – the Festival, anyone? – but, somehow, Americans keep overlooking it. We’re here to change that. The ancient city is one of the world’s most picturesque, with its medieval castle towering above and impressive architecture […]

Maddy Douglass on 09/27/2013
Quiche Lorraine | Le Marais Bakery | Abbott & West Productions

Recipe: Le Marais Bakery’s Quiche Lorraine

As a teaser for an upcoming feature, we’re pleased to bring you a classic French recipe from San Francisco‘s new Le Marais Bakery, one of our favorite eateries in the city. It’s surprisingly simple and straightforward; pair it with a mesclun salad and some fresh baguette and you might fool yourself into thinking you’re at […]

Kate on 09/13/2013
Socca Recipe | Abbott & West Productions

Recipe: Niçoise Socca

Since long before Julia Child, Americans have been obsessed with French cuisine, trying (and, more often than not, failing) to recreate the rich flavors of its traditional dishes. The efforts are admirable, but you’re giving up on that baguette recipe, aren’t you? Fortunately, there’s a lesser-known southern French treat that is so incredibly easy to […]

Kate on 09/06/2013
Basil Pesto | Abbott & West Productions

Recipe: Pesto Genovese

Comfort food isn’t always mac and cheese, chicken soup, or grilled cheese. In India, it’s dhal, or lentils. In England, it’s tea (and biscuits, naturally). In Israel, I sure hope it’s either falafel or hummus, but I don’t speak from experience. And in Italy, it is, of course, pasta, a brilliant invention that we should […]

Kate on 08/02/2013
Aamras, or Keri no Ras | Abbott & West Productions

Recipe: Keri no Ras (Aamras), Indian Cold Mango Soup

I once made the mistake of spending summer in India. It wasn’t intentional – their summer starts in March, a fact I failed to consider in my planning. And I won’t lie: it was a seriously unpleasant experience at times, complete with heat sickness, cold showers, hours spent on buses without air conditioning, a permanent […]

Kate on 07/26/2013
Big Star tacos Chicago | Abbott & West Productions

Where to Eat: Chicago (Round One)

If you’ve been sitting there poo-poo-ing Chicago as America’s Second (or Third or Fourth or not-even-ranked) City, it’s time to get over yourself and wake up to the reality that even though it’s in the middle of the country, the Windy City is actually really cool. And by cool, I obviously mean that it has […]

The Innocents Abroad on 06/18/2013
Heirloom Cafe San Francisco Abbott & West Productions

Where the Innocents Have Eaten: Heirloom Café

Where the Innocents Have Eaten: San Francisco's Heirloom Café Runtime2:46 View count324   At San Francisco‘s Heirloom Café, a farm-to-table restaurant in the Mission, the food and wine are all about taking what’s fresh and local and complementing each other. Chef/owner Matt Strauss takes Kate and Nora on a tour of the Ferry Building Farmers […]

Kate on 06/14/2013
Dharamsala Tibet Abbott & West Productions

Notes from the Road: Dharamsala and Peanut Butter Cookies

When I arrived in Dharamsala – or, more accurately, McLeod Ganj – I was broke, starving, exhausted and sick. On the overnight bus-train-bus trip from Rishikesh, via Delhi, I’d been robbed of my camera and cash, my travel companion had gotten explosive diarrhea, and we hadn’t eaten in about 24 hours. It was high summer […]