Maddy Douglass on 05/25/2014
Le Marais Croissant | Abbott & West Productions

Notes from the Kitchen: Oh la la, Le Marais Bakery

What do you get when you leave a Frenchman in California for too long? A Frenchman in desperate need of a good croissant. The San Francisco Bay Area may be known for having some of the country’s best bread, but baked goods worthy of a Parisian palate continue to be the El Dorado for which […]

nora on 01/28/2014

Recipe: Lemon Cream Flag Macarons

I must admit that before I moved to New York, when I heard the word macaron my point of reference was not the delicate and airy French cookie, but the dense, heavy coconut hockey puck called the macaroon. I have since been enlightened to the heavenly world of French macarons, which are a sweet meringue-based […]

Kate on 11/22/2013
Pumpkin pie history | Abbott & West Productions

Edible History: Pumpkin Pie

When Americans (of both the US and Canada) think of the most American holiday, Thanksgiving, we don’t just think of family, friends, and all the things we’re grateful for. We also think of the meal, with its staples like roast turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, apple pie and pumpkin pie. The part […]

Maddy Douglass on 10/01/2013

Recipe: Le Marais Bakery’s Pain de Genes

To further tempt your tastebuds before revealing all – or maybe just some – of San Francisco‘s Le Marais Bakery‘s secrets in our upcoming interview with head baker Justin Brown and owner Patrick Ascaso, we have another quintessential (yet surprisingly doable) French recipe this week: Pain de Genes, a mouthwatering almond cake. Savor this light […]

Maddy Douglass on 09/27/2013
Quiche Lorraine | Le Marais Bakery | Abbott & West Productions

Recipe: Le Marais Bakery’s Quiche Lorraine

As a teaser for an upcoming feature, we’re pleased to bring you a classic French recipe from San Francisco‘s new Le Marais Bakery, one of our favorite eateries in the city. It’s surprisingly simple and straightforward; pair it with a mesclun salad and some fresh baguette and you might fool yourself into thinking you’re at […]

Kate on 09/13/2013
Socca Recipe | Abbott & West Productions

Recipe: Niçoise Socca

Since long before Julia Child, Americans have been obsessed with French cuisine, trying (and, more often than not, failing) to recreate the rich flavors of its traditional dishes. The efforts are admirable, but you’re giving up on that baguette recipe, aren’t you? Fortunately, there’s a lesser-known southern French treat that is so incredibly easy to […]

Kate on 08/30/2013
Paris Metro | Abbott & West Productions

Notes from the Road: Paris Metro Stories

On my first day back at work in Paris after Christmas, I ran from the cold and into the métro station. As I walked up to the machine to recharge my card, a perfectly ordinary man approached me. There wasn’t anything particularly notable about him – he was about my height, looked to be about […]

Kate on 02/28/2013
Cafe Titon Paris Abbott & West

Where to Go: Paris’ Little Berlin

While the Canal St-Martin now brings visitors to eastern Paris’ trendy, up-and-coming neighborhoods, many of them remain the last quietly residential and local quartiers in the world’s most touristed city. In the small triangle between the Boulevard Voltaire and the Rue du Faubourg St-Antoine, between the metros Faidherbe-Chaligny and Charonne, in the 11th arrondissement, sits […]

What lessons have you learned while traveling? Here’s one…

What lessons have you learned while traveling? Here’s one Kate discovered, in our latest Notes from the Road…

Kate on 02/21/2013
Paris Metro Abbott & West Productions

Notes from the Road: International Language

I didn’t have to speak to the Korean backpackers to know they’d just arrived in Paris. When you’ve traveled enough places, arrived in enough cities exhausted from an overnight train or flight, and stumbled onto public transportation enough times with only a vague idea of where you’re going and how to get there, you can […]