Matthew on 06/21/2014

Where to Go: Walking Tours of Istanbul

Anyone who has ever had more than a fleeting interest in Istanbul is probably tired of hearing about how it is the crossroads between East and West. Few places are stuck with such persistent truisms about them as this global city that literally spans two continents. Any visitor to this city will be able to […]

Kate on 11/08/2013
Istanbul markets | Abbott & West Productions

Notes from the Road: Istanbul’s Farmers Markets

I held up my index finger. “Beer kilo.” Inside, I giggled at how ridiculous I sounded. But the man across the piles of fruits and vegetables from me scooped up golden, ripe apricots and handed me a paper bag overflowing with my favorite fruit. He held up two fingers and said what sounded like “icky” […]

Matthew on 03/18/2013
Keading Bread

Notes from the Kitchen: The Rain in Şişle

*This is an original translation of “The Rain in Şişle” by Matthew Lundin of the Armenian-Turkish author Migirdiç Margosyan. The short story originally appeared in the compilation Gavur District as  şişlede yağmur. Under the drenching rain, listening to Father Movses’ prayers as we sent my mother off to the other side, the other world, I had the […]