Mari on 06/28/2014
Mongolia_Marianna Jamadi-19

Road Snapshots: Mongolia

Mongolia is The Land Before Time meets my landscape pipe dream. As Mongolia’s landscape revealed itself, I didn’t know if I should cry out of bliss or pee my pants out of excitement. Luckily, I saved myself the embarrassment of both, but no doubt Mongolia has a way of moving you. It’s like seeing for […]

Kate on 09/20/2013
Griffith Observatory at Sunset | Abbott & West Productions

Road Snapshots: Los Angeles

I’m as guilty as the next San Francisco Bay Area native and New York resident of hating on Los Angeles – and I have the added credibility of having lived there. But the fact is that every time I go, I discover new neighborhoods and places that surprise me with their beauty. Los Angeles isn’t […]

Kate on 03/21/2013
Berlin Abbott & West Productions

Road Snapshots: Berlin in Summer

Berlin is two difference cities in summer and winter. In summer, everyone is outside, reveling in the sun in the city’s many parks, along its many waterways. The architecture — both the ornate and the austere, the Gilded Age and the Communist Bloc — are on full display, as is the often thought-provoking vandalism. There’s […]

Matthew on 01/29/2013
yemen 15

Road Snapshots: Yemen, the “Arabia Felix”

The southern part of the Arabian Peninsula centered around the country of Yemen was named “Arabia Felix” by Latin Geographers. The word Felix is often mistranslated as “happy” rather than “fertile”. The name describes the verdant green hills and rich civilizational history of this corner of the Arab world as opposed to the barren deserts […]

nora on 12/20/2012
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Road Snapshots: Cuba

All photography copyright Nora Chovanec.