Kate on 01/10/2014
Kay's Bar Edinburgh | Abbott & West Productions

Where to Eat: Edinburgh

The Scottish capital has flown under the radar for too long. It’s renowned throughout Europe for its arts and culture – the Festival, anyone? – but, somehow, Americans keep overlooking it. We’re here to change that. The ancient city is one of the world’s most picturesque, with its medieval castle towering above and impressive architecture […]

Kate on 07/26/2013
Big Star tacos Chicago | Abbott & West Productions

Where to Eat: Chicago (Round One)

If you’ve been sitting there poo-poo-ing Chicago as America’s Second (or Third or Fourth or not-even-ranked) City, it’s time to get over yourself and wake up to the reality that even though it’s in the middle of the country, the Windy City is actually really cool. And by cool, I obviously mean that it has […]

Kate on 07/05/2013
DC Capitol | Abbott & West Productions

Where to Eat: Washington, DC

Everything here at Abbott & West may be about the international lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love our own American heritage. In honor of our nation’s 237th birthday yesterday, here’s a round-up of some of the top places to eat in Washington, DC. When I went to college there, the food scene was, […]

Cheyenna on 02/26/2013

Notes from the Road: Field Studies in Diner-Land

Bill Brown is a traveling philosopher who maintains that the deliciousness of roadside diner fare is directly proportional to the number of calendars hanging on the wall. He notes especially that if they are from hardware stores, funeral homes, or insurance companies, then the food will be outstanding. If they’re lacking in calendars you should […]

Kate on 12/25/2012

Where to Eat: Paladares of Havana

After fifty years of rations, Cuba’s cuisine has become something of an international joke. In recent years, though, loosening of restrictions has allowed family-run restaurants called paladares to bring delicious traditional food and more innovative dishes to locals and visitors alike. While state-run restaurants – known for their bland, overpriced rice, beans, and meat – […]