Kate on 10/11/2013
Cuba | Abbott & West Productions

Notes from the Road: On Borders

If it weren’t for a contractor a few miles outside the Malaysian city of George Town, in Penang, my friend and I would likely still be wandering around, lost, sweaty, and miserable. He went out of his way to give us a ride, because he realized we were idiots whose Lonely Planet maps were woefully […]

Kate on 09/13/2013
Socca Recipe | Abbott & West Productions

Recipe: Niçoise Socca

Since long before Julia Child, Americans have been obsessed with French cuisine, trying (and, more often than not, failing) to recreate the rich flavors of its traditional dishes. The efforts are admirable, but you’re giving up on that baguette recipe, aren’t you? Fortunately, there’s a lesser-known southern French treat that is so incredibly easy to […]

Kate on 08/30/2013
Paris Metro | Abbott & West Productions

Notes from the Road: Paris Metro Stories

On my first day back at work in Paris after Christmas, I ran from the cold and into the métro station. As I walked up to the machine to recharge my card, a perfectly ordinary man approached me. There wasn’t anything particularly notable about him – he was about my height, looked to be about […]

Kate on 08/16/2013
Greenport, NY | Abbott & West Productions

Where to Go: Greenport, Long Island

For New Yorkers, going out to Long Island in the summer is essentially required travel. All you have to do is look at The Great Gatsby, where everyone seems to escape to Long Island in the heat of July and August. But the Hamptons are expensive and overdone, Montauk has been conquered, so where can you […]

Kate on 08/02/2013
Aamras, or Keri no Ras | Abbott & West Productions

Recipe: Keri no Ras (Aamras), Indian Cold Mango Soup

I once made the mistake of spending summer in India. It wasn’t intentional – their summer starts in March, a fact I failed to consider in my planning. And I won’t lie: it was a seriously unpleasant experience at times, complete with heat sickness, cold showers, hours spent on buses without air conditioning, a permanent […]

Kate on 07/05/2013
DC Capitol | Abbott & West Productions

Where to Eat: Washington, DC

Everything here at Abbott & West may be about the international lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love our own American heritage. In honor of our nation’s 237th birthday yesterday, here’s a round-up of some of the top places to eat in Washington, DC. When I went to college there, the food scene was, […]

Kate on 06/14/2013
Dharamsala Tibet Abbott & West Productions

Notes from the Road: Dharamsala and Peanut Butter Cookies

When I arrived in Dharamsala – or, more accurately, McLeod Ganj – I was broke, starving, exhausted and sick. On the overnight bus-train-bus trip from Rishikesh, via Delhi, I’d been robbed of my camera and cash, my travel companion had gotten explosive diarrhea, and we hadn’t eaten in about 24 hours. It was high summer […]

The Innocents Abroad on 05/15/2013
San Francisco Abbott & West Productions

Where the Innocents Have Been: San Francisco

Even if you haven’t watched our latest episode, at the James Beard Award-winning State Bird Provisions, (though we highly recommend that you do!) it would be no secret that we love San Francisco and the Bay Area. It’s Kate’s hometown, Nora’s spiritual home and we don’t trust anyone who doesn’t love it. (Kidding! Sort of…) […]

What lessons have you learned while traveling? Here’s one…

What lessons have you learned while traveling? Here’s one Kate discovered, in our latest Notes from the Road…

“My Weekender fit like a glove in the airplane cabin and got me the flight attendant’s number….”

“My Weekender fit like a glove in the airplane cabin and got me the flight attendant’s number. #doublewinning”


We always knew the Weekender was a conversation starter.

(via everlane)

Wow, our Weekender was never that much of a conversation starter. But we do like to make friends on planes. How about you?