Kate on 01/10/2014
Kay's Bar Edinburgh | Abbott & West Productions

Where to Eat: Edinburgh

The Scottish capital has flown under the radar for too long. It’s renowned throughout Europe for its arts and culture – the Festival, anyone? – but, somehow, Americans keep overlooking it. We’re here to change that. The ancient city is one of the world’s most picturesque, with its medieval castle towering above and impressive architecture […]

Kate on 12/13/2013
Kirkstall Abbey Leeds | Abbott & West Productions

Where to Go: Leeds

Before you protest, “But where’s Leeds?” allow me to point you to a map of the United Kingdom. A former industrial hub in southwest Yorkshire (and, thus, somewhere around the center of the island of Great Britain, and firmly in Northern England), this manageable city has plenty for the curious traveler to explore – especially […]

Kate on 05/03/2013
The Bear Inn Oxford Abbott & West Productions

Where to Drink: Oxford Pubs

If you fell in love with British culture when we learned to make fish and chips at A Salt and Battery, then you know a thing or two about the country’s celebrated pub culture. Having spent more than a little bit of time in the storied English university city of Oxford – famous for its ‘dreaming […]

The Innocents Abroad on 03/04/2013
A Salt & Battery

Recipe: A Salt & Battery’s Authentic Fish & Chips

Country of Origin: England For the chips: 1lb 2oz potatoes, peeled and cut into chips 1¾ pints vegetable oil, for deep-frying salt and malt vinegar to taste For the fish: 3½oz all purpose flour 3½oz cornflour 1 tsp salt, plus extra to taste 5oz soda water 5oz beer 2 x5oz pollock or haddock fillets lemon […]